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ANNUAL AEGA LEADERHSHIP RETREAT  AUGUST 7, 8, 9, 2015 AEGA World Conference RETREAT! Location: Camp Bethany 9766 Hwy. 79 Shreveport (Bethany), LA 71007 DEADLINE TO REGISTER - JULY 15th ONLINE REGISTRATION FORMS COMING SOON! 1. FAX - 318-345-0350 2. EMAIL: Scan and email to info@aega.org 3. MAIL: AEGA Retreat - 2149 Hwy. 139 - Monroe, LA 71203 Payment by Credit Card, Check, Cashier Check or Money Order accepted. Those in other countries can send by Western Union if cannot pay by credit card. NOTE: Fees charged are those charged by the campground - NO additional registration fee is due - A LOVE OFFERING will be taken at retreat to help AEGA cover other expenses. Questions...call our office at 1-800-842-5176 or email info@aega.org RETREAT SCHEDULE: FRIDAY- August 7th - 3:00pm - Bishop Council Meeting 2:00-5:30 - CHECK-IN CONFERENCE OFFICIALLY STARTS  FRIDAY 5:30 pm - Supper in dining hall  7:00 pm - Campmeeting Service SATURDAY 8:00am - Breakfast 9:30am - 11:30am - Men, Women & Youth Ministries 12 noon - LUNCH in dining hall Afternoon - 2-4 - FELLOWSHIP TIME 6:00pm Supper 7:00pm- Campmeeting Service SUNDAY Breakfast - 8:00am 9am-Noon - Campmeeting Service (Ordination & Communion will close this service) 12:00 - LUNCH in Dining Hall The retreat if officially over at noon on Sunday, so everyone must checkout by 3:00pm   Details...

AEGA WORLD MISSIONS AEGA WORLD MISSIONS Our Vision & Projects Provide support to missionaries in foreign countries for church planting to win souls for Christ Provide medicine and medical supplies to the sick Provide Bibles/tracts in English and other native languages to equip pastors to reach the lost. Annual Christmas Blessing Projects - World-wide Conduct yearly minister conferences and provide proper credentials and training to God called ministers. Build Bible Schools and provide Theological Traning for pastors, ministers and anyone who wants to learn more about the Word of God! Disaster Relief   Details...

UPCOMING EVENTS     Details...

OBTAINING MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS AEGA offers MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS...Ordination, License, Ministerial Apprentice, Christian Worker to qualified applicants.   Details...

GETTING A 501(c)(3)GETTING A 501c3 Tax-Exempt Status for Your Church or Ministry - Through AEGA you can receive your tax-exempt status in less than 30 days!   Details...

TEN REASONS WHY TEN Reasons WHY You Should join AEGA AEGA—the Fellowship promoting “truth & accountability” since 1976! Currently several fellowships and denominations across the country have copied the vision statement, mission statement, and slogans of AEGA. Perhaps it's a compliment that so many groups have copied AEGA, but don't be fooled by these “copycats”. AEGA is the ORIGINAL, having promoted “accountability” in ministry long before it became “popular” to do so. Dr. Henry Harbuck, AEGA's General Overseer, (Superintendent/President) is a dedicated full-time administrator, teacher, author, and world-wide conference speaker. Most ministerial credentialing associations begin in churches with 200 or less congregational members. Often the pastor of a small church, with the encouragement of pastoral acquaintances, will form an association (or fellowship of ministers). This kind of association (or fellowship) is destined for problems. Usually it will suffer from a lack of leadership and benefits. At the crossroads, which way will the pastor go? If the church grows faster than the fellowship will his/or her attention be given to the church or to the fellowship? And will the church grow weary from supporting the association if there is insufficient revenue generated by the association? Ask yourself these questions, “What qualities do you want in your overseer? And what do you expect from your fellowship? Can a full-time pastor give adequate attention to a growing ministerial association?” A Worldwide Fellowship gives you access to worldwide churches and leaders. AEGA conferences are attended by individuals from many countries throughout the world. By learning from each other, we become a harmonious unit of ministers and workers that is strong and knowledgeable. Have you ever taken a missionary trip outside the USA? Believe it or not, many pulpit pastors have never ministered outside his/or her community. AEGA has a large number of experienced missionary evangelists and short-term missionaries that regularly minister in third world countries. With our help you can expand your vision to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations.” (MT 28:19) AEGA provides MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS - spiritual covering. In this day and age a growing majority of churches and ministers feel that a “spiritual covering” is unnecessary. But those who launched out on their own quickly realized the “Lone Ranger Syndrome” was the wrong path to follow. Many brethren have greatly benefited from the expertise and wise counsel of AEGA leaders when they were at a crossroad. To have someone with experience, love, and wisdom to pray and guide you during difficult times is a significant reason to join AEGA. And very importantly AEGA is a long-standing fellowship with sound Biblical Doctrine. AEGA has its own University and Seminary. Most fellowships do not have a seminary or Bible college, but instead refer their ministers to other colleges. AEGA has seven branches of its University throughout the world and fifteen branches of its Bible Institute and Seminary. All US based professors hold graduate degrees from highly acclaimed theological institutions; they enjoy teaching others of like precious faith about the things of God. A large number of students and graduates have accomplished great things for the sake of the Kingdom of God because of the education they received at AEGA theological institutions. Many attest that learning acquired at Evangel University and Omega Seminary was of immeasurable value. One student commented that “Anointed knowledge is better than anointed ignorance.” Affordable Health Care Assistance. Regardless of how much time one may spend trying to stay healthy, sickness and debilitation occur as people age. Therefore, it's important to have an affordable Health Care Plan. AEGA offers one of the nations most affordable plans. The Health Care Assistance Plan is owned and operated by Christian people who not only pay the hospital and surgery bills, but also contact and pray for those who are facing surgery or medical treatment. Free 501 (c)(3) Church Law/Tax Consultation. Few attorneys have knowledge of Church Law and not-for-profit IRS laws. Although attorneys are skilled in “jurisprudence,” this alone does not prepare them to consult with those of the church world who ask difficult questions concerning the church and the laws that govern it. AEGA's consultants provide free consultation for members only. And it goes without saying that in cases where debates ensued between our consultants and other attorneys and CPA's, the AEGA consultants most often had the correct answer. Why? Because they are knowledgeable in church law, a subject about which most attorneys know little. Minister's Retirement Plan for Qualified ministers who received ministerial credentials. While it is true that many ministers never retire, some do. When a qualified AEGA minister decides to retire, for whatever reason, it is comforting to know the additional income generated from the AEGA Retirement Plan is available for certain amenities that will make retirement more enjoyable.             NOTE: Information about the plan may be gained by telephoning AEGA at 318-345-1777. Monthly Newsletter called “the Grapevine.” Keeping up with the events and happenings in AEGA is easy because everyone receives a monthly copy of “the Grapevine” newsletter. The “Grapevine” is full of encouraging news about outstanding AEGA ministers, tax tips, church growth ideas, testimonies, prayer requests, and articles by the President, Dr. Henry Harbuck. Published in full color and posted to the internet, it is read by AEGA members throughout the world. Additional benefits too numerous to mention. AEGA is, beyond doubt, one of the world's greatest fellowships. It is committed to assisting ministers in becoming more effective in whatever role they've chosen. Consider the additional benefits those who obtaining MINISTERIAL CREDENTIALS: Free yearly renewal for ministers—ministries/churches Access to worldwide membership and conferences Free AEGA Gold-plated lapel pin for men and women (USA only) Networking and Ministry resources Women & Men Ministries Kids & Youth Ministries International prayer base Establishment of long-time relationship with other church and ministry leaders Annual World Conference, Regional and Area meetings held throughout the USA and other countries AEGA World Mission Department *Sponsor-A-Child *Medical Missions *Bible Schools *Orphanages & More   Details...

AEGA 501(c)3 REQUEST PDF Print E-mail

501 (c) 3 Tax Exempt Status

How to receive your 501 (c)(3) Tax-exempt Status under AEGA Group Status

for your Church or Ministry in less than 30 Days!

Please read carefully and fill out request below and submit - Thank You!

Feel free to call our office if you have questions 1-800-842-5176 

"AEGA is one of the most long established fellowships that has been granted the group status by the IRS. Our dedicated and professional team is ready to assist you in properly chartering your ministry or church. Unlike some organizations that use FEAR tactics to solicit membership and sell their products, we at AEGA believe in educating you and providing the FACTS, working with you every step of the way. We are genuinely concerned about you and your ministry making available our ongoing support and resources for you to advance your ministry. "


Don't be misinformed about 501 (c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status...Avoid IRS conflicts by PROPERLY CHARTERING under AEGA's Group Exemption.

Kinds of 501 (c)(3) Charters we offer:
Church/Mission, Evangelistic Ministries,
Religious Organizations,
Christian Schools & Bible Colleges,
Christian Counseling Centers

AEGA International Headquarters
(Association of Evangelical Gospel Assemblies)
2149 Hwy. 139
Monroe, LA 71203 USA
Toll FREE: 1-800-842-5176  (318) 345-1777- FAX: (318) 345-0350

© Copyright 2006-2011 - AEGA Ministries International, Inc.

Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus our Lord!

Most beginning ministries concerned with legal and tax issues consult a local attorney and/or CPA. They are shocked to learn such professionals lack adequate knowledge of IRS non-profit law, regulations and procedures. Ministries everywhere now realize that chartering a ministry is a specialized field.

One of AEGA’s most significant functions is helping AEGA members to PROPERLY CHARTER their ministries. Being a Central Organization with full IRS privileges, the AEGA allows its members to protect their ministries by chartering under its GROUP EXEMPTION COVERING.

Experienced “Charter Consultants” at the AEGA Headquarters will review your corporation or organization papers and furnish information that will help you to qualify for non-profit, tax exempt status. What we (AEGA) can do for you in thirty days could very well take you up to three years if you act alone.

We urge you to have your ministry properly evaluated, chartered, and recognized by the IRS before you ask for donations. 

Questions and Answers about the 501 (c) 3

1) Q: What is a Charter?

Ans. A charter is an official certificate issued to a ministry after proper paperwork, filing, etc. is approved by AEGA Headquarters. Once received, the charter is mounted as a wall document and displayed by the ministry. The wall document has the AEGA group exemption number printed on it which legally grants the ministry (called “subordinate” by the IRS) the 501 (c) 3 tax-exempt status. A ministry is permitted to use the AEGA tax number which gives it legal standing with the community, state, and the IRS. This kind of charter gives a ministry legal permission to solicit donations, offer tax-deductible benefits to donors, apply for grants, obtain a bulk-mail permit, and more. A recipient of an AEGA charter has the assurance that his/her ministry has met all IRS criteria and is under general (not specific) supervision of the AEGA.

(2) Q: Is it really necessary to have a charter?

Ans. Any church, evangelistic Association, mission, etc. should have proof of their status, as such, to avoid problems and to protect their contributors.

(3) Q: Is there a cost for a charter?
Ans. Yes. Currently our set-up fee consist of a one-time charge of $400. There is a $50 charge for a set of By-laws for your church/ministry if needed. Thereafter, a monthly charter "general fund offering" is required while the charter is in effect (depends on type and size of ministry). Charters in good standing are automatically renewed each year on March 28th at no additional cost. There is always FREE consultation just a phone call away.

(4) Q: How do I (or we) obtain a charter?
Ans. We’ve made it easy. Just click on the form at the bottom this page and request a packet to mailed to you. When you receive the requested forms, please complete them and mail them to us as soon as possible. This should take only a few hours of your time. When your completed forms arrive we will begin work on them (usually that same day). After your paperwork has been processed, it is then scheduled for evaluation by our charter board. Once approved, your ministry charter is sent to you immediately. NOTE: Remember you must be credentialed with AEGA before the charter can be processed.

(5) Q: How long does it take to get a charter?
Ans. Assuming that all your paperwork is complete and in order, it takes (on average) approximately less than thirty days from the date your application package is received at our Headquarters. We have done most all the paperwork for you.

(6) Q: Am I required to file ministry reports with AEGA?
Ans. Yes. At the end of each year an end of the year financial summary report of your ministry is required in order to renew your charter. This is mainly for your benefit to make sure you are complying with IRS 501 (c) 3 rulings. However, the AEGA does NOT manage your funds or tell you how to operate your ministry. Each ministry is autonomous and sovereign.

(7) Q: Must I become a member of AEGA to receive a charter?

Ans. Yes. If you are the president of the ministry, you are required to hold credentials with AEGA (Licensed or Ordained) and believe and adhere to the AEGA 18 Fundamental Truths. This policy is primarily for accountability & liability purposes, thereby, providing benefits for the credentialed minister as well.

(8) Q: Is the AEGA Office available if I have IRS or accounting questions?

Ans. Yes. We are always available to assist you and most importantly we are here to lift you and your ministry up in prayer. This is truly a great benefit of being covered under an international fellowship… you are not alone. Our consultants are always available to assist you and the AEGA's CPA Firm is always available to answer your church/ministry accounting questions.


Local Church — This charter is increasingly more in demand. A Local Church Charter protects the church, helping to eliminate interference and conflicts that may arise from the community, the state and the IRS. (proper insurance is required)

Local Mission or Mission Society —
The local mission is similar to the local church, but different in purpose. Like a church, a local mission must have regular services and may begin in a home or a building, but serves predominately the poor, orphans, street people, abused women and children, outcasts, etc. A mission may offer rooms for rent, give away food and clothes, have special educational or Bible studies, etc. Because a local mission is a non-profit tax exempt organization, it is allowed to charge a reasonable fee for its services. Yet, it cannot enforce any payment on a person when that person is unable to pay. When a person is forced to pay for a service rendered by a local mission, that mission is in danger of losing its charter if such an act is reported to the IRS. (proper insurance is required)

A Mission Society is a religious organization in which 50% or more of its funds go to oversees mission projects.

Evangelistic (Preaching and Music Ministry) —
This charter is granted to traveling ministries such as evangelists, preachers, Bible teachers and music ministries. Having an evangelistic charter allows a ministry to receive donations while on the road or traveling anywhere in the USA. If tapes, books or other items are to be sold or given away, this information must be stated in the charter application. Also known as "Religious Organizations".

Educational (ie. Church School, Academy, Bible College, Seminary)
- This Charter is unique, and is not offered by most Associations to its members. Many churches and individual ministers, Bible teachers, and others have long awaited an opportunity to begin their own academy, Bible college or seminary. Now this particular educational charter makes it possible. Any institution that applies for a charter must not be racially discriminatory and must clearly outline its purpose, curriculum, etc. (liability insurance is required)

Christian Counseling Center - This charter is fast becoming a charter that is much in demand. Because of the many marital and family problems, not only in the church but throughout the nation, more ministries are specializing in counseling. A Christian counseling center may be part of an established church, or operated independently of a church from an office. It is meaningful to charter a Christian Counseling Center, because some state officials have attempted to interfere with such centers inasmuch as competition is fierce among licensed professionals in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, and marriage counseling.

A Christian Counseling Center is considered by the IRS to be a religious and charitable organization. However, a counseling center may charge a reasonable (or customary) fee for services rendered. Some centers prefer to use a sliding scale fee system. However, the Christian Counseling Center, like other non-profit organizations, is not legally permitted to enforce payment or sue a client when he/she cannot pay. Any such enforcement by a Christian Counseling Center to force a client to pay may result in the loss of its charter if the IRS learns of such an act. Note: Counselors must have a license and degree as required by their state and carry counseling liability insurance.

Concerning the Board of Directors of Chartered Ministries...

The IRS requires all chartered ministries to have a board of Directors. This structure insures accountability. Although each ministry is autonomous and sovereign, a minimum of three (3) to five (5) board members are required before approval will be granted. Only two of these board members may be kin by blood or marriage, and the President and Treasurer are not permitted to be related by blood or marriage.

A ministry may begin with three board members and add two more within the first 12 months for a total of five. The first three members are required to be President, Secretary and Treasurer.


We can prepare your state non-profit incorporation paperwork for you at a LOW cost of only $250.00 in every state. GREAT BENEFIT! Once we have completed the paperwork required by your state, we send it to you ready for you to sign and add your state filing fee and mail to the Secretary of State. The state will then mail you your corporation back to you. We also assist you in receiving your sales tax exemption from your state.

NOTE: This department of AEGA does not render any legal or tax, advice. Nor does the Division of Corporations of your state claim to render any legal, tax, or accounting advice. As in all such matters, you should acquire appropriate counsel from those who are in that particular field. As the charter department of AEGA, we are authorized by the Internal Revenue Service to examine your organizational documents and operations to make a determination as to whether or not your organization qualifies as a nonprofit organization under specific sections of the IRS code. Prices required to charter a church or ministry is subject to change without notice.

To request a 501(c)3 Application Packet click here .


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